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Is there a Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan AL?

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Is there a Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan AL?

Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach - Is there a Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan AL?

Courses for Riders

If you have always dreamed of riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, or you want to improve your skills and confidence on the road, our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan has the perfect course for you. We offer our riders a chance to sign up for the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy, a comprehensive training program that teaches you everything you need to know to ride safely and enjoyably. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we have a course that suits your needs and schedule. Come down and get your training at our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan. Our Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach showroom is open and located near Dothan.

New Rider Course

The New Rider Course is designed for those who have never ridden a motorcycle before or who want to get their motorcycle license. In this course at the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy, you will learn the basics of motorcycle operation, safety, and maintenance and how to handle different road situations and challenges. You will also get to practice your skills on a genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle under the guidance of our certified coaches. The course consists of classroom and range instruction, which takes about one weekend to complete. After you finish the course, you will earn a Motorcycle Safety Course Completion Card, which may exempt you from the riding portion of your state license exam and score you a discount on motorcycle insurance. When you trust our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan, we can help you get the most from your training.

Three-Wheel New Rider Course

Take it from us, even if you have ridden for years, a three-wheeler is a whole different animal. When you get a three-wheeler, you have a lot more to consider. A trike doesn't corner the same, it doesn't accelerate the same, and it has different concerns you should know about on the road. A trike is a fun and enjoyable bike, but it definitely offers a distinct skill. If you ride a motorcycle as well, your training on the trike will actually benefit you on a traditional bike as well. Come down and learn about all of the special conditions you need to be aware of when you get a trike. We will take you through an entire course that gives you classroom and practical training for the road.

The Process

To enroll in the New Rider Course, you need to be at least 16 years old, have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit, and be able to ride a bicycle. You also need to bring your own helmet, eye protection, gloves, long pants, long sleeves, and sturdy footwear. We will provide you with a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, a workbook, and a riding jacket. You can register online or by phone. The course is offered throughout the year, and you can choose from weekday, weekend, or evening sessions. The Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy course is limited to a small number of students per class, so make sure to reserve your spot early at Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach near Dothan.

Benefits of a Riding Course

Taking a riding course from our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Dothan is not only fun and exciting but also beneficial for your safety and confidence. By taking a riding course offered by our dealership near Dothan, you will:

  • Learn the proper techniques and habits of riding a motorcycle
  • Gain valuable experience and feedback from our professional coaches
  • Meet other riders who share your passion and enthusiasm
  • Become part of the Harley-Davidson® family and community
  • Enjoy the freedom and thrill of riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle

Don’t wait any longer, sign up for the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy today and start your journey to becoming a fully licensed rider. The open road is calling, and we can’t wait to help you answer the call. For more information visit our website, or get in touch with us in our showroom. Also serving Panama City, Lynn Haven, and Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

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