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Harley-Davidson® IronE 16 Electric Balance Bike near Lynn Haven FL

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Harley-Davidson® IronE 16 Electric Balance Bike near Lynn Haven FL

Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach - Harley-Davidson® IronE 16 Electric Balance Bike near Lynn Haven FL

Harley-Davidson® IronE 16 Electric Balance Bike - For Sale at Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach near Lynn Haven

Did you know that Harley-Davidson® has some of the best balance bikes for kids? New larger balance bikes come with ergonomic features and implement a 36-volt motor platform and hydraulic disc brakes to help your child develop a sense of adventure and curiosity! Innovative, intuitive, and built to last, these balance bikes implement ergonomic ground-breaking features to help your youngster develop motor skills and a love of movement that can last a lifetime. Among the latest lineup of new Harley-Davidson® balance bikes is the IronE 16. Below, we will walk you through some of the features of this Innovative instrument for balance and outdoor recreation. To learn more or shop for a Harley® IronE 16 electric balance bike now, contact our dealership near Lynn Haven!

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All About the Harley-Davidson® IronE 16 Electric Balance Bike

Wondering why the H-D® Iron E16 electric balance bike is such a great choice? This is the ideal electric balance bike for young riders ages 5 to 7 years old and under 75 lbs with an inseam leg measurement of 18 to 24 inches. It allows them to easily touch the ground and bend their knees for more control and confidence as they develop their motor skills and love of movement. This is also a great choice for children who have some experience using a balance bike and are now ready to graduate to a larger platform for their growing legs. The Harley-Davidson® Iron E16 has a High-Output Brushless Motor that adds the perfect boost of low-end power and torque to give your child more motivation and exhilarating coasting and riding propulsion.

  • Key Features of the IronE 16 Electric Balance Bike for Kids
  • Quick Change Lithium Ion Battery
  • High Output Brushless Motor
  • Ideal for 5-7 Years Old, Up to 75lbs, with an 18-24" Inseam
  • 3 Speed Modes: Red (training - 5 mph) Yellow (standard - 7.5 mph) & Green (advanced - 13 mph)
  • Ultra-low, Adjustable Seat Height
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Tapered Footrest
  • Twist Throttle
  • Aluminum TIG Welded Frame
  • Lightweight Design (19lbs with battery installed)
  • Steel, BMX-Style Fork
  • Awesome Battery Life of 30-60 Minutes After a Full Charge**

**Depends on terrain, speed mode, and rider skill with coasting and other combined factors. Range may be more or less depending on circumstances.

This Balance Bike is Perfect for Motivating Youngsters to Move

This bike inspires confidence and a love of movement. It allows a young rider's feet to firmly plant on the ground and it also lets kids “touch and go” or “dab” to improve their balancing skills and prevent tip-overs. This bike also has a seat height that can be manually adjusted in just a few moments to accommodate kids with a leg inseam of up to 17 inches. Even though it is incredibly durable and boasts serious electric power, the bike itself weighs just 19 lbs with the battery installed, meaning that children can push and balance effortlessly. Its aluminum TIG welded frame and BMX-style steel fork deliver a fun and safe time riding. Best of all, this bike offers three power selection modes. These modes can be used for training, standard riding, and advanced movement. The training mode tops off at about 5 mph while the standard yellow mode reaches up to 7.5 mph. With the advanced green mode, speeds of 13 miles per hour can be achieved. When young riders become more confident, tapered footrests give them a comfortable position as they ride using electric power.

Extend Your Youngster’s Ride Time with an Extra Battery

Although this bike comes with a battery and charger included, you can help your youngster extend their ride time with an innovative push button quick-release feature that lets them effortlessly change batteries and keep on going. This is a great learning opportunity and you can even purchase additional batteries to extend the life of their electric rides at our local Harley-Davidson® dealership. With the included industrial-grade lithium-ion battery and charger, you will enjoy a full 20v Max voltage (18Vnom) and 4Ah charge, letting little riders enjoy up to 60 minutes of electric power depending on their skill level, how much they coast, and the terrain type they are riding on.

The Harley-Davidson® IronE 16 Bike is Now for Sale at Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach! Call or Visit Us to Start Shopping Now. This article is for informative purposes only. To discover more or start shopping for balance bikes, contact our team! Also serving Santa Rosa Beach Florida, Dothan Alabama, and Panama City Florida.

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