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Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike near Panama City FL

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Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike near Panama City FL

Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach - Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike near Panama City FL

Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike - For Sale at Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach near Panama City FL

It all starts with curiosity. Harley-Davidson® is now expanding the line of premium electric balance bikes for kids to help them develop a sense of wonder and a love of riding! These ground-breaking H-D® instruments let even young rippers expand their horizons and stretch the riding experience into early childhood. Want to start shopping for balance bikes now from Harley-Davidson®? We invite you to visit our Florida showroom near Panama City or you can keep reading to learn how an electric Harley-Davidson® Iron E12 balance bike may benefit your youngster.

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About the Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike

Have you been searching for a balance bike that lets your youngster develop their motor skills with foot-pushing, coasting, and motivating electric power modes? If so, the IronE12 from Harley-Davidson® is the perfect option!

  • Key Features of the IronE12 H-D® Electric Balance Bike for Kids
  • Specifically Designed for Smaller Children (ages 3 to 5, or 75 lbs w/ inseam of 14-18”)
  • 3 Power Modes: Low/Training (5mph) Med/Standard (7mph) High / Advanced (9mph)
  • Works Without Battery for Coasting and Motor Skill Development
  • Weighs 17 lbs with Battery for Easy Pushing with Feet in No-Power Mode
  • BMX chain and freewheel
  • 12" Composite Wheels with Pneumatic Tires
  • BMX-style steel fork
  • Aluminum TIG Welded Frame
  • 30-60 min charge time
  • 30-60 min run time **
  • Industrial Grade, Lithium-ion Battery and Charger Included

**Run time is entirely dependent on terrain, hills, and skill level.

The IronE12 is Ideal for Smaller Kiddos

If you have been looking for an electric balance bike suitable for smaller children, look no further than the IronE12. Youngsters with an inseam of 14 inches to 18 inches at the leg will be able to adequately touch the ground atop this bike, with a slight bend to the knees for a safer experience.

Unlock Limitless Excitement and Fun with Power Modes

After your child has grasped the concept of propelling this bike with their legs, they can unlock three incredibly fun electric modes. These power modes let them coast and brake while standing or with their legs up. Children can start with a speed similar to the push mode (5mph) and then graduate using a twist throttle and long coast that goes up to 7 mph. Not only will this help your youngster improve their sense of balance, but it can unlock endless giggles and a desire to keep working on their balancing skills. From there, children can continue to develop their skills, working up to the maximum speed mode that reaches up to 9 mph. This offers limitless outdoor fun and entertainment while also building hand-eye coordination and a sense of balance, creating fun and motivating opportunities for exercise.

Why balance bikes are great for little riders?

So why choose this electric balance bike for your little one instead of just getting a bike with training wheels? Although many of today’s adults grew up using training wheels, the fact is that training wheels are old technology. Electric balance bikes like the IronE12 are truly the way of the future!

The Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike is Fun to Ride

Not only is this balance bike a better fit for young children when it comes to matters like more easily learning to navigate uneven surfaces, developing self-esteem, and preventing the need to transition away from training wheels later on, but it also makes independent riding incredibly fun. With its innovative design, the H-D® IronE12 serves as an entertaining instrument that can help your child appreciate the thrill of independent movement with electric coasting and propulsion.

Harley-Davidson® of Panama City Beach Now Sells the Harley-Davidson® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike

For parents looking to help their younger kids develop a sense of balance and speed regulation while also making independent riding fun, the Harley® IronE 12 Electric Balance Bike is by far and away the best option. Are you ready to shop for this groundbreaking electric balance bike from Harley-Davidson®? If so, we invite you to come down to our Harley-Davidson® dealership near Panama City today.

This review is intended for informational purposes only. To learn more, or start shopping for this balance bike, contact our team! Also serving Lynn Haven Florida, Santa Rosa Beach Florida, and Dothan Alabama.

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